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We are an all female, family owned company with a passion for creating healthy and delicious seafood experiences that are so close to the real thing-

it will BLOW YOUR MIND! 

Plant Based Seafood Co. Founders
Our background lies in the real seafood industry, where for nearly 20 years we successfully created and sold award-winning real seafood products. 
During these 20 years, we've witnessed first hand the unacceptable and often hidden practices in the seafood industry. From overfishing to mislabeling to "chemical glazing" to child labor to human trafficking and modern day slavery- just to name a few. Our industry, along with the $10 Billion illegal seafood industry, was hiding so many secrets from consumers and devastating oceans,  communities and lives. 
Determined to be an agent of change, we set out to be the first seafood company to offer plant based alternatives in hopes to spur meaningful change. We believe decreasing the demand for certain seafood species by offering alternatives that look, taste and perform like the real thing we've been making for 20 years, we will no doubt create positive change and make a HUGE impact on the industry, our oceans and the global food system as we know it. 
We're located on Gwynn's Island, VA a tiny little island in the beautiful Chesapeake Bay. Being surrounded by water constantly reminds us of our mission and inspires us to do better for our environment and its beautiful resources. 
Together, we can make a difference and change the way the world 'seas' food!
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