Oyster Restoration Field Trip

Over here at The Plant Based Seafood Co. our mission is to offer delicious plant-based seafood experiences without the sacrifice AND to do our part, when we can, to aid in ocean conservation.

We are headquartered on Gywnn’s Island, VA, right on the Chesapeake Bay and our team was so excited to spend the day at The Virginia Oyster Shell Recycling Program (VOSRP), also on the island, to help recycle collected oyster shells.
Their focus is reclaiming waste shell from local restaurants, destined for the landfill, to build new reefs in the VA portion of the Chesapeake Bay.
It was a SHUCKtacular experience!!

First, we removed the oyster shells from the net bags (that were already covered in larvae) into large bins.

The shells look like this! See the larvae?? (above.)
Second, we loaded them up to take directly to the reef! 


We finished the day distributing the recycled oyster shells directly to the reef!  

Thank you so much to the VOSRP for having us! 
There are numerous volunteer opportunities that have a great impact, all of which help restore wild oyster populations, improve water quality and provide new fish habitats.

To learn more about this collaborative, community-based restoration program, head to their website.

Instagram: @vaoystershell

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