8th March every year is International Women’s Day, and FoodHack is here to celebrate the top women changing the future of food.

We asked our network to nominate founders, leaders and innovators in the food tech space, and wow did you guys/girls come through! We were overwhelmed by the responses, introducing us to incredible women all over the world working on everything from cell-based meats, to microalgae infused drinks, upcycled meals, functional foods, and lots more.

🤷Why: FoodTech is booming with female leaders but yet, still only 3% of agri-food tech investment dollars go to female-founded companies and we feel that's just not good enough.

As a media outlet in the foodtech space, and with a team of 7 women, 4 who are mothers, working at FoodHack - we know more can be done to highlight the incredible women all over the world working on shaping a better future of food.

💡How: By doing what we do best. Curating and creating a list of some of the top female foodtech founders, leaders, investors and shapers out there.

👀Who: You can find the full list below with 80+ names you need to know working on everything from cell-based meats to media outlets, microalgae drinks to upcycled beverages, functional foods to foodtech funding, and lots, lots more.

🤔Food for thought: Celebrating women and gender-equality only 1-day a year isn't nearly enough. We all need to work towards a future where highlighting female leaders isn't a necessity.

Note: This article is just scraping the surface of the female pioneers who are driving foodtech around the globe. If we missed anyone - email us at team@foodhack.global so we can update the list!

Harnessing the power of plants:

Our very own Co-Founder:

🐟 Monica Talbert of The Plant Based Seafood Co - creating healthy and delicious alternatives to seafood to tackle the sustainability of the oceans and our planet.

Now onto the list of 80+ female foodtech founders + leaders: 

Full list of 80+ female foodtech founders + leaders: : https://mindblownfoods.myshopify.com/admin/articles/new


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