MIND BLOWN! The Plant Based Seafood Co. Creates the Perfect Seafood Alternative


Seafood favorites that aren’t seafood?

With Mind Blown! — the bold new flavors from The Plant Based Seafood Co.—seafaring favorites like Shrimp, Scallops and Crab Cakes are as delicious as ever and entirely plant-based!

Vejii is proud to partner with this revolutionary business in offering entirely plant-based and sustainably sourced alternatives to traditional seafood tastes. As the women behind The Plant Based Seafood Co. can attest, it’s high tide for change in the commercial fishing industry.


Mind Blown Coconut Shrimp Rainbow Bowl - Blog


Time Tested. Time for Change.

The all-female, family-owned business that has become The Plant Based Seafood Co. has taken a wealth of industry know-how and perfected a truly mind-blowing way to look at your favorite seafood.

20 years of producing award-winning seafood products would have satisfied many business operators. However, after witnessing first-hand what they have described as ‘unacceptable and often hidden practices’ in the fishing and ocean farming industries, the minds at The Plant Based Seafood Co. decided to take their successful proven business model and go green.

Recognizing the need for sustainable and meaningful change, the creation of Mind Blown! Plant-Based flavors were a satisfying—if not seismic—brand shift.

recent report from the Animal Equality Organization details the impact of commercial fishing on the environment. Whether bred in aquafarms with toxic water conditions or captured via bottom trolling, the conditions in which the fish we consume are captured have a devastating impact on the ocean’s ecosystem.

The United Nations estimates that an astounding 95% of global ocean damage directly results from bottom trolling. A subsequent study has indicated that a 2-acre fish farm potentially produces as much waste as a town of 10,000 people!

Given the current commercial fishing industry conditions, the women behind The Plant Based Seafood Co. decided to take matters into their own capable hands.

Bringing decades of experience, they crafted delicious seafood flavors to an entirely plant-based and sustainably sourced business model —which wasn’t easy—but, as the most ardent of seafood lovers soon discovered, the taste challenge wasn’t just met…it was exceeded!



Mind Blown Dusted Scallops are truly unique and taste like the real thing for those craving a guiltless seafood!


Passing the Taste Test

Going to market with products like Mind Blown! Dusted Scallops and Crunchy Coconut Shrimp, The Plant Based Seafood Co. recognized the importance of winning over traditional catch-of-the-sea advocates. With bold branding—and having duplicated the delicious flavors of the real thing—Mind Blown! promises to keep their products from hitting store shelves until even the most ardent seafood lovers sign off on the taste.

Feel Good About Your Plate

In addition to the sustainably sourced, planet-friendly benefits of a plant-based diet, Mind Blown! products are entirely free from soy, dairy, egg, and gluten. 

Prepared with natural superfoods like artichoke, chickpea and rice flour—and seasoned with konjac powder, paprika and sea salt—flavors like Crunchy Coconut Shrimp and Dusted Bay Scallops will leave both the conscience and stomach satisfied. As the bold branding on the box suggests, these Plant Based Seafood Co. offerings are so much like the real thing, it will blow your mind!


Easier Than Ever

By arriving flash-frozen, Mind Blown! flavors like Dusted Shrimp and Dusted Scallops preserve the entirety of the nutrient profile on the box—and they’re ready in minutes! Shrimp Tacos, Poke Bowls, Dusted General Tao Shrimp, Dusted Shrimp Po Boys–the options are limitless, with dramatically reduced prep times. Grill Shrimp kabobs in 5-6 minutes, prepare a Shrimp Scampi on the stovetop in the time it takes to cook zucchini noodles—with Mind Blown! your favorite seafood-paired creations have never been easier to prepare.

Partners For a Better Tomorrow

Vejii is proud to partner with the trailblazing women of The Plant Based Seafood Co. as they embark on a journey to simply do better. Better seafood, better production, better manufacturing. Better for the consumer and better for the planet we all share.

When you’re looking for that perfect seafood dish for your family, look no further, ShopVejii and enjoy every delicious meal The Plant Based Seafood Co. is thrilled to serve. Relax after a filling meal from their family to yours, knowing we’re all contributing to a greener tomorrow.




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