The NEXTY Awards finalists for Natural Products Expo West 2022

Alec's Ice Cream
Honey Blueberry Lavender

The NEXTY judges loved this ice cream and its divine flavor. The texture is as good as ice cream gets, and the synergy between the honey and the lavender and the blueberries was magically subtle—without any single flavor dominating. The two brothers behind Alec's Ice Cream (yes, one is named Alec) developed this brand because other "healthy" organic ice creams—including dairy alternatives—were too processed. This ice cream is made with organic 100% A2/A2 milk, from a holistically managed system that is USDA organic and is partnered with Land to Market and Regenerative Organic Certified. The ingredients are simple, and the ice cream is made the old-fashioned way, then packaged in an I'm Green 98% biobased container.

Deep Indian Kitchen
Plant-Based Chik'n Tikka Masala

Deep Indian Kitchen, a family-owned company based in both India and the U.S., already produces a tasty frozen Chicken Tikka Masala, but they know many adults are seeking plant-based foods. Here, they've created a delicious Tikka Masala with plant-based Chik'n, a unique, vegan product with dairy-free Tikka Masala Sauce. The company is committed not only to making better Indian food for the planet, but with every purchase, it helps educate underprivileged children in rural India through its Deepkiran Foundation.

Komo Plant Based Comfort Foods
Plant-Based Lasagna

Komo's Plant-Based Lasagna delivers on the company's message of "Plant-Based Comfort Foods." This dish is a delicious vegan blast of old-world Italian goodness, with "cheezy" chickpea bechamel, creamy tofu ricotta and tomato lentil ragu layered over al-dente semolina pasta. The company, based in Vancouver, British Columbia, wants to change the way people eat, one family meal at a time, and make plant-based food a staple of everyone's diet. The company's packaging is Earth-friendly, with recyclable aluminum and recycled paperboard sleeve. This lasagna is good, good for you and good for the planet. 

Tattooed Chef
Cauliflower Mac and Cheese Bowl

Who doesn't love a good mac and cheese? And with Tattooed Chef's frozen Cauliflower Mac and Cheese Bowl, consumers can enjoy the satisfying tang of the classic comfort food dish with a serving of vegetables front and center. This pasta-free bowl offers a whopping 18 grams of protein and nearly a cup of vegetables in this tasty, panko-topped frozen entree or side.

The Plant Based Seafood Co.
Mind Blown Plant-Based Dusted Scallops

If you like scallops, the name on the box of this frozen Plant-Based Dusted Scallops will deliver as promised: It'll blow your mind. The all-women, family-owned company is setting standards for creating plant-based seafood using ingredients such as Konjac powder and root vegetable starch. This astonishing version of scallops has the flavor, texture and mouthfeel of scallops while it helps save our planet's oceans. The Plant Based Seafood Company, based along the Chesapeake Bay in Virginia, clearly knows its seafood—and is inventing plant-based products for seafood-lovers' plates. 

Tru Fru
Piña Colada

Tru Fru's Piña Colada are pieces of fresh pineapple hyper-chilled in white chocolate and coconut, and it's a blast of a taste treat. Each cold tasty piece can be popped into your mouth guilt-free because at 70 calories, it's an indulgence that won't haunt you later. These nuggets of white chocolate-covered pineapples join the company's other hyper-chilled snacks made with strawberries, cherries, blueberries and raspberries. The dipping-and-freezing process locks in flavor and the fruits' and berries' nutrition. The Utah-based company serves up these frozen treats as ice-cream style pints, and offers dried fruits and berries coated with white, milk and dark chocolate.

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