Tips and Tricks to Adding More Plants to your Diet

We know, we know, we need eat more veggies! We hear it all the time, and we know we SHOULD since veggies are full of nutrients our bodies will thank us for, but it’s easier said than done sometimes, right?


We have complied a few cooking tips to make eating more veggies easier, it will soon become second-nature!


  1. The practice of having a smoothie a day, is a sure-fire way to get some extra veggies in. And the best part? You most likely won’t even taste them! Win-win. Blending a big handful of greens to your smoothie can be a great place to start. Here’s our favorite smoothie combo:


½ C Blueberries

½ Banana

1 Tbl. Almond Butter

1 C Spinach (fresh or frozen will work)

¾ C nut milk of choice


Feeling like an expert? Next add some cauliflower rice to your smoothie for extra creamy texture! Frozen works great and again, we promise you can’t taste it!


½ C Cauliflower (frozen works best)

½ C Berry blend

¾ C Nut milk of choice

1 Date, pitted


  1. Use fresh herbs!! Not only do they add extra flavor to any dish, herbs are packed with plenty of nutritional benefits.


  1. It’s hard to beat a nice cozy bowl of soup, especially in these cooler months. Why not make soup with benefits?! Pureeing veggies into soups, such as butternut squash soup you will be getting extra veggies and did you know it’s great for digestion as well?! True story.


  1. Next time you make pasta, add some spiralized zoodles to your noodles! 50/50 zoodle to noodles ratio is still satisfying and a great way to sneak in extra veggies.


We hope you’ve found some inspiration here to add more plants to your diet.There can be a learning curve when switching your mindset in the kitchen, so take it one meal at a time! All you need is a few new go-to recipes.Keep it simple by using flavors love, and have fun experimenting!


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